The Lounge

The Lounge is exquisite in its setting and furnishings.

Relax with family, friends, and business associates in reclining loveseats, surrounded by the artwork of Mort Künstler, renowned historian artist.

Desiring a drink and a smoke? You won’t find a more comfortable setting.

Maximum capacity: 10

Conveniences Included with The Lounge:

  • Palatial reclining seats for ten guests
  • Device chargers in every seat
  • Bluetooth speakers with Spotify
  • 65″ backlit screen T.V.
  • Electric Fireplace
  • 2000-cigar humidor cabinet
  • 30 cigar lockers available for rent
  • Smoke eater system in ceiling
  • Dry bar with built-in refrigerator
  • Featuring artwork by Mort Künstler
  • Perfect for corporate gatherings
  • Open to the public as a lounge
  • BYOB and enjoy a drink and smoke
  • Renaissance organic cigars for sale
  • Boswell pipes and tobacco for sale
  • Other tobacco products for sale